Night/Occlusal Splints

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Restoring Peaceful Nights

Occlusal Splints are your solution to nighttime teeth issues, providing relief from symptoms such as:

  • Aching Jaws and Teeth: Experience comfort during your waking hours.
  • Improved Chewing: Enjoy your meals without discomfort.
  • Tension Headaches: Relieve stress in the temple region.
  • Jaw Joint Pain: Alleviate discomfort in the temporomandibular joint.
  • Preserving Teeth: Prevent severe tooth wear, fractures, and chipping.

Our process typically involves two appointments:

  • First Appointment: We take precise mouth impressions to create your custom-fitted Occlusal Splint.
  • Second Appointment (usually after 7-10 days): You receive and insert your personalized splint, ensuring peaceful and pain-free nights.

Experience the difference and say goodbye to nighttime teeth issues with our Night Occlusal Splints.